World Development Sports Group


"We create paths to the whole world through education and sport."


World Development Sports Group was founded by Milan Vodicka, a former ice hockey and beach volleyball student-athlete at the New England College and Webber International University. 

Having experienced the enormous opportunities provided to student-athletes firsthand, Milan decided in 2018 to dedicate his life to opening those same doors for future generations, and so WDSG was born.

For many athletes today, US high school and college sports are still a mystery. It is a process athletes and families want to understand, yet there are not that many who tell you how to do it – and do it well. Today, WDSG is recognized as one of the top-notch European leading sports scholarship and high school/university admissions services, supporting prospective student-athletes from all over Europe.

Now, with a team full of highly dedicated professionals, we’ve been able to unite the collective internal experience to provide the most robust and streamlined service to our prospective clients. As the only agency in the world, we have been to all 50 states, and our founder visited over 150 academies, boarding schools, and universities in the US. Our focus is on building personal relationships with every single coach and client.