High School and College Process Includes;


1. In-person or Online Meeting

Together, we will schedule a free, in-person, or online meeting, where we will discuss necessary topics towards the high school/college process.


2. Setting School Goals

It’s important we hear from you the goals you’ve set as a student-athlete. For many families, this is often the first time they’ve sat down together to discuss what kind of university experience they envision. It's important to discuss the level of academics and athletics because there are plenty of options in the States, and we have to be sure that you choose the right one. From high school through junior leagues to college and further, we can create the right path for our student-athletes.


3. Review and Plan for Academic Eligibility

Academics are an essential part of every recruiting effort. We’ll go through NCAA core academic requirements, convert your grades into a Grade Point Average (GPA), discuss your academic results, and look at SAT/Duolingo testing to recommend a plan of action to maximize your academic standing. 


4. Official Transcripts

We will officially translate your high school transcripts via our certified translators.


5. WDSG Profile and Highlight Video

Just about every sport will require video highlights or basic skills so coaches can get a good sense of your athleticism. We will help you to create the perfect one for your future coach.


6. SAT/Duolingo Test Preparation

Better test scores can help create more school options and potentially more merit-based scholarships.  For that reason, SAT/Duolingo Tuitor is available to all WDSG student-athletes, including practice tests, testing strategies, and general guidance and advice.


7. Targeting to Determine Best School Match

Based on your academic/athletic needs, your personal WDSG family advisor will help you create a portfolio of schools where you could rise and shine in the classroom and your sport.


8. School Visits

You only get to make a first impression once, and we’ll make sure you’re prepared for both official and unofficial visits. 


9. School Application, Planning & F1 Visa Guidance

Student-athletes, like all potential college freshmen, need to be well-versed in the college application process and know how to get the most from financial aid. We will provide guidance with the applications as well as how and when to complete your financial aid and student visa application.


10. Evaluate and Leverage Scholarship Offers

If all things go according to plan, there may be more than one scholarship offer to consider. We will help guide and inform your decisions, assist in leveraging offers, and figure out how and when to turn a verbal offer into a written commitment.


11. Personal Consulting

Our family advisors are available for our clients every day during the whole process. One of our family advisors will oversee your entire scholarship journey, from your first days right through until you graduate from university four years later, and even further if you decide to go pro and become a professional athlete.