Milan Vodicka, MBA


A native of Brno, Czech Republic, Milan played in the Kometa Brno hockey system. In 2004, Milan left his hometown to play ice hockey for various hockey clubs such as Moeller Pardubice or HC Sumperk. In 2009, during his junior year in high school, Milan was purchased by HC Sparta Prague.

In 2010, Milan decided to sign the NLI letter with New England College in NCAA D3.

In Fall 2011, Milan moved to the States, where he began his student-athlete career. Due to a devastating injury to his ankle, this was the last ice hockey season in his career.

Milan is one of the few student-athletes from Europe in the modern history of college sports who received athletic scholarships in two different sports.

In 2012, he transferred from New England College to Webber International University in Florida, where he played beach volleyball, and in 2015, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Business Management.

2015 Milan became the GA assistant coach for the women's varsity volleyball team during his Master's degree in Florida.

After his graduation in 2017, Milan started to work with future student-athletes, and he became an ambassador for the first European Collegiate Hockey League - EUHL in Europe. In 2018, Milan founded the World Development Sports Group.