Jaroslav Straka


Jaroslav Straka was the Founder and President of the European University Hockey Association (EUHA) and the European University Hockey League (EUHL). Beginning in August 2012, Straka managed both the EUHA and the EUHL as he organized strategic planning, communications, and public relations among various Universities within the European Union.

Jaro was also responsible for applying for and implementing national and transnational grants and projects on behalf of the EUHA and EUHL. Jaro also coordinated strategic partnerships on behalf of the EUHA and EUHL with numerous National Sports Federations, representatives for various EU Embassies, Institutions, and National Ministries, as well as representatives for numerous cities and regions throughout the European Union.

As President of the EUHA and EUHL, Jaro was instrumental in the organization of several international hockey conferences and events, including annual European tours involving ACHA Men’s Divisions II and III Select Teams and the 2018 World Cup of College Hockey held in Brezno, Slovakia and Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. Most recently, Jaro co-organized and oversaw the 2023 World Cup of University Hockey held in Cârța, Romania.

In 2023, Jaro started to work for the World Development Sports Group, and he is a family advisor and sports manager for Europe. Also, Jaro was named ACHA European consultant in November 2023.